Members of the Group attend one of the sessions of exercise and relaxation held each week in our building on Whaddon Way in Bletchley. The 2-hour sessions are currently on Monday to Thursday during the day and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Membership costs £250 a year.

We have a room containing a range of rowing machines, exercise bikes, treadmills, cross trainers and so on. We also offer aerobics. Each session is led by a health professional supported by fully-qualified exercise instructors and a trained team of volunteer helpers (many of whom have had heart problems themselves).

Sessions start with warm-up exercises, then move into the main period of exercise (equipment or aerobics), followed by muscle strengthening exercises and active cool-down. Then there's a well-earned cup of tea or coffee and a chance to chat with others who've been through a similar experience to you. Finally there's the relaxation period which gives you important practice at unwinding!

In addition to the weekly sessions there's a regular programme of social events throughout the year.

Photo of aerobics at MKCCG

Aerobics on the sprung-wooden exercise floor in our main Hall.

Photo of exercise room at MKCCG

Some of the equipment in our first-floor exercise room.